Our friendly Newton Longville club offers a safe place to learn full contact karate without fear of injury or expectations from other students. The English Contact Karate Association has been established for more than 30 years and is one of the largest and most successful full contact styles in the UK. Find answers to our most commonly asked questions below…
I'm Not Fit Enough!
Most new students are unfit – it gets you fit!
Is It Suitable For Women?
Absolutely! Forget tedious aerobic classes and cheesy music, karate can achieve excellent body tone and fitness whilst learning self defence.
I'm Too Old?
Martial arts has no age limit, it is a lifestyle (and the splits are not compulsory)!
I Don't Want To Join A Class Full Of Black Belts And Get Beaten Up!
Classes are tailored for all levels and abilities. We were all beginners once!
What Is Full Contact Karate?
Many different styles of Karate are practised throughout the world. The style practised by this Club and Association is Full Contact Karate, which we believe to be the most effective of all styles available. In Full Contact Karate the student is able to participate in realistic combat , without the fear of injury, since full safety equipment is used during sparring. Full Contact Karate probably employs more kicking techniques than any other Martial Art. For free sparring the development of snap power in both kicking and punching is important, although naturally many other more powerful kicking and punching techniques are used. Release holds – throws – and sweeps – are other important aspects of Full Contact Karate training.
What Are The Origins Of Karate?
Whilst the roots of Karate stretch back as far as 2000 B.C., present day students will probably be most interested in the development of the Art during this century. It is said that in the early 1900’s Karate was introduced into mainland Japan from the island of Okinawa by Gishin Funikowshi. From Japan the art of Karate has spread throughout the world until it has become one of the world’s great sports.
Why Practice Karate?
Some of the benefits that can be derived from the regular practice of Karate, by people of all ages, regardless of sex, are:
a) The promotion of physical fitness
b) A deeper mental awareness and self control
c) A practical method of self defence
d) A sense of respect towards, and an understanding of oneself and others
e) A strong social aspect where many friendships can be made.
I Want To Know More About Your Instructors...
The instructors teaching in an ECKA club are all Black Belts and are the finest available. They are, without exception, professional, highly trained and have all had many years experience in the Martial Arts. Amongst them are to be found World, European and British Champions! Consequently when you enrol at an ECKA club you can be sure of first class instruction.
I Don't Have Anyone To Come With Me!
Don’t be scared! We want you to enjoy it as much as we do, so you will receive a friendly welcome!

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