Oscar at the MK Open 2022

Oscar started as a junior leader when we opened our children’s class in the summer of 2022.  As the club’s only active under eighteen black belt he was keen to be a part of developing our future young students.  We had an interview with junior leader and 1st Dan Black Belt Oscar to find out a bit more about his training history, what he enjoys about kickboxing and how he wants to progress now he has achieved his black belt:

  1. How old are you?  I am 13
  2. How long have you been kickboxing? 8 years
  3. What do you enjoy most about kickboxing? I enjoy the fitness and light contact sparring
  4. What is your favourite technique? Whipping roundhouse kick
  5. What made you want to become a junior leader in the children’s class and what do you enjoy most about helping? I enjoy helping other people and when I am helping the younger children it reminds me of when I was a similar age.  I’d also like to one day be an instructor.
  6. What would you like to achieve in kickboxing? I always wanted to achieve my black belt.  Now I have completed it, I would like to win more competitions and work towards achieving my 2nd dan.
  7. Why do you think others should join?  Kickboxing is great for making new friends and keeping fit.

Sensei Lauren says ” I chose Oscar as a junior leader because of his dedication and determination that he showed particularly through lockdown and in the run up to his black belt.  I thought this was a good quality for the younger children to see.  Oscar won the MK Open in November 2022.  He regularly attends training sessions with WAKO GB therefore has a lot of experience to share with the club.”